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Sex Description Start Date Finish Date Ref. No.
Male Yusain Kashev CV1 01.05.17 01.11.17 540 View CV
Male To obtain an Agriculture Engineer position in a multinational company with a diverse team has clear and challenging objectives. My challenge is not only sustaining the success of the business, but also continuously help... 21.04.17 01.01.18 540 View CV
Male Looking for seasonal harvesting work for 2017 10.07.17 15.11.17 540 View CV
Male I finished school last year and i'm looking for a farm job. I have beef/ stock and arable experience... 01.04.17 10.12.17 539 View CV
Male A lively, talented and hardworking individual with an approachable personality, and the ability to work as part of a team. Possessing excellent communication & hospitality skills and a proven ability to guarantee... 12.05.17 21.07.17 538 View CV
Male I am self-motivated a fast learner and a team player! I am very responsible hard-working and focused persons and tend to be product-oriented. I am in good physical and mental health. 01.04.17 01.04.18 537 View CV
Female Hard working, reliable young woman looking for farm work in order to earn some money. I have experience in picking raspberries because my grandma has 20dca of these small and soft fruits. 31.03.17 01.10.17 536 View CV
Male Dear Potential Employer, I have worked all my life on my family’s farm and have also been employed by local farmers. My experience includes farm work in the garden, dairy, crop, chicken and sheep industries. I enjoy... 06.02.17 N/A 535 View CV
Male Horticultural Bachelor Degree Master of Biodiversity and Conservation 01.03.17 N/A 534 View CV
Male Hard working and reliable, looking for any type of farm work. I have experience in many different areas including arable and livestock. 28.02.17 N/A 533 View CV