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CV Headline PERSONAL INFORMATION Name and surname: Mikel Rivero Marcos ID card: 72817134-P Birthplace: Pamplona, SPAIN (November 23th, 1988) Address: Travesia Zizurrertea nº6. City/State/Province: Zizur Mayor / SPAIN / Navarre Postal code: 31180 (Navarre) Phone: +34 695 27 51 26 / Email address: / Skype address: Driving: License B (car) EDUCATION AND TRAINING Degrees - June 12th, 2011: Degree in Biology. University of Navarre (Pampona, Spain) (level: 7,92/10). - October 2nd, 2012: Master’s Degree in Environmental Agrobiology. Public University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain). (level: 8,7/10). The Master’s Degree trains admitted to professional practice and research in the field of Agriculture and the Environment. It has a multidisciplinary approach in its contents and in the income profile as it is aimed at graduates in Biology, Biochemistry, Geology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science and Technology of Food, Agricultural Engineering and Forestry, and degree holders in Agricultural Engineering, Forestry and related industries. Additional courses - November 2014 : UNE-EN ISO 14001 – Study Center Iturrondo (Pamplona, Spain). It specifies requirements for an environmental management system to enable an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects. It applies to those environmental aspects that the organization identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence. It does not itself state specific environmental performance criteria (20 hours). - April 2013: Renewable energies- CPEBPA Jose Maria Iribarren (Pamplona, Spain). The courses are open to the general public, individuals and companies from all backgrounds. Taught by renowned university lecturers and leading experts with both practical and theoretical expertise (130 hours). - August 2012: GIS Mapping System Software – University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain). It offers an overview of ArcGIS components, basic display and map querying functions, metadata browsing and file management, basic analysis techniques, and map layout. Increase your software proficiency with practical, in-class exercises (27 hours). Languages Spanish (native language) English (Cambridge English: First (FCE)). EXPERIENCE Practices in University - January 2011 to May 2011: “Environmental impact assessment of dams Sarria I and III in the falls of the Arga river” – University of Navarre. Authors: Mikel Rivero, Dr. Jordi Puig Berenguer: study of the environmental impact that cause long-term average and mini-hydro power plants built in the Arga river passing by called Sarria breaks. Protective measures and a monitoring plan to minimize these conditions the environment is also proposed. Practices in Company - December 2011 to September: “Metabolic efficiency of foliar-applied iron in Fe-deficient cucumber plants as revealed by an integrated physiological and molecular study”– TimacAgro Spain. Authors: Mikel Rivero Marcos, Dr. José Mª García-Mina Freire, Dra. Marta Fuentes Ramírez, Dra. Eva Bacaicoa Ilundáin. - June 2010 to September 2010: "Development of nutritional control tools and diagnostics for early detection of iron chlorosis in vineyard" – Agrolab Analitica SL. Authors: Mikel Rivero, Dr. Roberto Pineda Ruilope: Analysis of the content of organic matter, carbonates, nutrients and texture of different samples of soil where chlorotic vine plants had grown. It was attempted by statistical analysis on a large database, to see if a particular range of silt soil was possible to predict the level of chlorosis in vineyards. Work experience - January 2015 at present… Shop assistant in Decathlon Easy - ESTELLA, Navarre (Spain). - November 2013 to May 2014: Trainee on Quality & Environment Department in SCA Hygiene Spain S. COM.P.A. - ALLO, Navarre (Spain). Analysis, definition and implementation of quality controls and manufacturing base receipt paper and finished product. Defining and Updating own checks on the production lines. Control for receipt of raw and auxiliary materials. Management of incidents and non-conformities. - August 2013 to October 2013: Telecom Commercial & Sales in Spiral Marketing - PAMPLONA, Navarre (Spain). - June 2007 to October 2013 : Ferrovial Servicios - PAMPLONA, Navarre (Spain). - April 2013 to July 201304: Fruiterer in Mercadona – PAMPLONA, Navarre (Spain). - June 2011 to August 2011: Administrative assistant in Gracilsa SA - SARASA, Navarre (Spain). - June 2005 to January 2011: Deliveryman in Teorema - PAMPLONA, Navarre (Spain). - July 2006 to August 2006: Storekeeper in Celsius Hispania - ALSASUA, Navarre (Spain). - June 2006 to July 2006: Operative in Vinos Artajona- PAMPLONA, Navarre (Spain). ASSISTANCE TO CONGRESS AND PUBLICATIONS - November 12th, 2014 Publication of my Master Thesis project entitled "Metabolic efficiency of foliar-applied iron in iron-deficient cucumber plants as revealed by an integrated physiological and molecular study Involving approaches" in the journal Physiologia Plantarum (code art. PPL-2014 00579). Author (s): Bacaicoa, Eva; Fuentes, Marta; Rivero, Mikel; Zamarreño, Angel M; Aparicio-Tejo, Pedro M; García-Mina, Jose Maria. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Computing: Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Power Point / Internet (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) / SPSS / Statistica / ArcGis /DIVA-Gis / Octopus / SAP / Lotus Notes. Other formation - February 2015: Health And Hygiene Certificate– FOREM Mutilva (Navarre, SPAIN). - October 2014: Security guard licence– FOREM Mutilva (Navarre, SPAIN). Own vehicle: Yes. References: Dra. Eva Bacaicoa Ilundain, researcher projects Timac AGRO Spain. +34 948 324 500 ANNEX Poster Gatersleben’s congress Family orchard (Miluce, Pamplona, SPAIN)
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Other Professional Qualifications Biologist
Farming Experience Agricultural Engineering, Arable, Horticulture, Mixed
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Type of Work Wanted Agricultural Engineer, Arable, Beef, Diary, Horticulture, Mixed, Organic, Sheep
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Sex Male
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Where are you currently living? Pamplona (Navarre, SPAIN).
Are you eligable to work in the UK? Yes
Hobbies Sport, nature and garden.


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