CV Reference Number: 38

CV Headline I am profoundly motivated to be associated with the farming industry; it is all I want to do. When I see a farmer on a tractor, or walking the field to his herd, or maybe even a combine reaping the harvest, I feel a strong sense of jealousy. This emotion is not felt in a negative way but is a source of positive motivation. Indeed, my motivation comes from the love of the early morning, the sounds and smells of the farm yard, the clunk-cluck of machinery and the piercing look from the stock. Overall though, I think it is the implied rustic nature of the industry, a wholesome goodness which exists more here than in any other sector; I want to be in the farming industry, engaged and immersed with its harvest.
Relevant Qualifications Other
Other Qualifications
Other Professional Qualifications Chemistry BSc (Hon)
Farming Experience
Other Experience Sales
Type of Work Wanted Mixed
Driving Licence Full

Personal Information

Sex Male
Nationality English
First Language English
Other languages
Relevant Health Problems None
Other Information To make up for lack of experience, I'm willing to work for free whilst training.
Where are you currently living? Sutton-on-Trent
Are you eligable to work in the UK? Yes
Hobbies woodworking, electronics and helping out at village events.


Availability date start 13.10.14
Availability date finish 13.10.14
Type of job Permanent
Preferred Region East Midlands