CV Reference Number: 426

CV Headline Hello, I am a very hard worker women and motivated person ,have 41 years old, have a professional degree and I been enquireed about de farm work,specially fruit picker, i know that means a very heavy work standing or on knee and under diferent temperature, but I am still very interested to live this new experience,and share with another culture. I am looking for progress my life experience and the english lenguage but in my country there is not many opportunitties so I really need to change this
Relevant Qualifications Other
Other Qualifications
Other Professional Qualifications accounting, client services and worker for No Goverment Foundattion
Farming Experience
Other Experience I want to work as strawberry or other picker
Type of Work Wanted Mixed
Driving Licence

Personal Information

Sex Female
Nationality dominican
First Language spanish
Other languages a english regular
Relevant Health Problems no
Other Information
Where are you currently living? Dominican Republic
Are you eligable to work in the UK? No


Availability date start 07.06.15
Availability date finish 07.06.15
Type of job Seasonal
Preferred Region Any