CV Reference Number: 430

CV Headline Gabriel Alexandru Taranu 14 C, Barnby Gate Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1PZ Cell: 07448409202 Eng. Babias Cristian Ovidiu SC Polonus Agro Prest LTD Viscani 37 Suceava County, Romania +40 745 10 10 39 Dear farmer, I am writing on behalf of Gabriel Alexandru Taranu regarding the position dairy farm worker. Gabriel it’s a very good worker and he learns very fast what to do in crises of time. He has experience almost 3 years with cattle, goats, pigs and sheep. It is a pleasure to work with Gabriel because he is pleasant and his positive can make a difference in hard work and has good resistance in long time. He usually prefers to have good spirit of team and make the work became easy no matter what. If he had someone in our team who would continuously complain, rather than getting upset, Gabriel would continue to point out the positives until the person began to enjoy themselves. For farm, Gabriel always took the initiative to make sure his work was done exceptionally well. He also made sure he was thoroughly prepared to participate at length in priority discussions. Due to him love of raise animals and determination to keep them safe from any risks. In our team was keeper of 60 cattle with milk, 40 cattle, 40 calves under 1 year and 30 bulls. Also was farmer for 50 goats with milk, 60 kids goats, 10 male goats and some sheep about 50 female sheep and 30 male sheep and the fun part was about 20 pigs. Gabriel is also willing to work on areas he feels he could improve upon. He realized quickly during forage for animals, fresh water daily, cleaning the floor and put new litter for a good comfort and biggest production of milk. He likes very much to be part of a team or to work individually. With him relentless motivation and him knowledge of raise animals, Gabriel would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to new farm will work. I know he would be an excellent fit for your farm. If you have any questions, fell free to contact me at the above address. Best regards!
Relevant Qualifications City and Guilds, Other
Other Qualifications
Other Professional Qualifications knowledge to learn quickly
Farming Experience Beef/Stock, Diary, Horticulture, Mixed, Picking, Pig
Other Experience
Type of Work Wanted Beef, Diary, Mixed, Sheep
Driving Licence

Personal Information

Sex Male
Nationality romanian
First Language romana
Other languages english
Relevant Health Problems
Other Information
Where are you currently living? Newark, Nottinghamshire
Are you eligable to work in the UK? Yes


Availability date start 17.09.15
Availability date finish 19.12.18
Type of job Permanent
Preferred Region Any