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CV Headline In 2001 I finished secondary school in Sarvan and entered to military lyceum in Odessa. I graduated lyceum in 2003. In august 2005 I entered to the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv on faculty of Animal Husbandry Output Production and Processing Technology. In june 2009 I graduated the level of Bachelor and in december 2010 I finished the level of Master. During all years of my study, summer and autumn periods, I had different practices on educational experience farms, where I helped farmers to provide animal feeding, repair buildings, wash and clean agricultural buildings. Also I had agricultural practice in England in 2007. During 5 months in England I cut and packed salad, worked as a driver and as a loader on pack-house in G`s Barway Service Ltd., Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. In 2008 I had practical agricultural training on Karl`s Hof, Rövershagen, Rostock, Germany. During all three months I picked up strawberries and helped at building of new pack-house. From 31.03.2011 until 05.03.2013 I worked on Endholm farm in Еrik Poulsen, Odum 8370 Hadsten, Denmark, like a praktikant. It was pigs’ breeding (my responsibility was klima stable pigs 7-30 kg, also assistance castration, feeding, insemination, moving and cleaning ). Last year I worked a klimastalde manager (around 10 000 pigs a 7-30 kg, production 40 000 year) in Svend Antonsen, Sovhøjvej 2, 9240 Nibe, Denmark. Where I started from august 2014. My duties include pigs-breeding, care, provision of food, technical service, vaccination of pigs 7 - 30 kg, sale, management (1 student) and riding a tractor.
Relevant Qualifications Other
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Farming Experience Beef/Stock, Diary, Picking, Pig
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Sex Male
Nationality ukrainian
First Language ukrainian
Other languages english, polish, russian, danish
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Where are you currently living? Denmark
Are you eligable to work in the UK? No
Hobbies football


Availability date start 01.12.15
Availability date finish 27.10.15
Type of job Permanent
Preferred Region Any