CV Reference Number: 83

CV Headline Looking for a job in UK (Permanent/ Seasonal)
Relevant Qualifications Craftsman, Other
Other Qualifications
Other Professional Qualifications floorhauseman/assistant to the kitchen/professional Hairdresser.
Farming Experience Horticulture, Mixed, Picking
Other Experience
Type of Work Wanted Horticulture, Mixed
Driving Licence

Personal Information

Sex Male
Nationality Bulgarian
First Language Bulgarian
Other languages Italian/ French/Serbic-Croatic,Russian,Romanian, Polish,German
Relevant Health Problems
Other Information
Where are you currently living? Bulgaria
Are you eligable to work in the UK? Yes
Hobbies photography, painting false copyright


Availability date start 07.12.14
Availability date finish 31.12.15
Type of job Permanent
Preferred Region Any