CV Reference Number: 529

CV Headline An international undergraduate at Durham University seeking a summer job for 2017. Has a strong desire to learn about farm work and the issues surrounding the agricultural industry. Has 3 years of experience in the service and F&B industries, and is familiar with the demands of working labour-intensive jobs (up to 13-hour work days).
Relevant Qualifications Other
Other Qualifications
Other Professional Qualifications
Farming Experience
Other Experience Open Day Ambassador at Durham University, Service Crew Member at Food for Thought, Kitchen Assistant at GSH Conserves, Administrative Assistant at Singapore Technologies Kinetics Limited
Type of Work Wanted Agricultural Engineer, Arable, Horticulture, Mixed, Organic
Driving Licence

Personal Information

Sex Female
Nationality Singaporean
First Language English
Other languages Mandarin Chinese, Spanish
Relevant Health Problems No
Other Information
Where are you currently living? Durham, United Kingdom
Are you eligable to work in the UK? Yes
Hobbies Singing and cooking


Availability date start 26.06.17
Availability date finish 15.09.17
Type of job Seasonal
Preferred Region Any