Sex Description Start Date Finish Date Ref. No.
Female Agronomist / crop protection 15.11.17 N/A 635 View CV
Male I'm experienced in milking cows with different milking systems. I don't possess a driving licence but i'm experienced in driving tractors and jcb... 22.10.17 20.10.18 634 View CV
Female English 27 year old working on dairy farms the last few years in UK and NZ, extremely keen to continue doing so and to progress. 31.10.17 N/A 633 View CV
Female To your kind attention, I’m an italian agronomist interested to your job opportunity I have experience and passion for agricolture I have an excellent knowledge on plant deseases, techniques of organic control and plant... 17.10.17 17.10.18 632 View CV
Male M.Sc.Dipl. 01.01.18 15.10.17 631 View CV
Male Alex johnson 15.10.17 15.10.17 630 View CV
Male Qualified Mechanic looking for vacancy in the Agricultural sector. 15.10.17 N/A 629 View CV
Male 27 year old Assistant Herdsman/general farm worker looking to progress career 01.11.17 N/A 628 View CV
Female I am a conscientious worker looking for part time farm or office work. 12.10.17 01.10.20 627 View CV
Male I'm 20 years old and I'm hard working, Tractor Driver/Arable Worker... 15.10.17 N/A 626 View CV